Piano concert

Jul 11, 2010

The most anticipated day of my life was finally here...my son's first ever piano concert performance. It was definitely the most nerve wrecking experience for me. Just imagine all the hard work and heartache...begging him to practice over and over again for the past 2 months. Telling him not to play too fast or at times too slow, or whatever pace depending on his mood. Teaching him how not to run but walk to the stage. Teaching him how to bow the Japanese way. Teaching him to smile and not making funny faces during the presentation. I even made myself promised him that if he didn't make any mistake during the performance, I would get him his dream toy. And he assured me he would not make any mistake.

Despite his confidence with his ability, he had not given any perfect performance yet. Not even during the rehearsal. Ahh...I told myself not to expect too much from him. Trying to keep cool and not spoiling his mood because he seemed to be looking forward to his performance.

Choir performance

I was biting my nails while watching him doing his solo performance.

Solo performance

While waiting for our duet performance

Below was his performance. It started with a solo then later followed by a duet with me.

I must give him the credit. No doubt he was the clown of the day. Making people laughed at his expression and gestures... but, he didn't make any mistake during his performance. He was quite good. I am so proud of him! Yappari anak mama!

Of course, at the end of the day we had to do what we had to do...

We bought him his dream toy...the Optimus prime.

And he...is so happy and already counting the days to his next performance.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Nana, wow! I'm impressed. I have always, still do re people who play the piano as I love piano music.
I have a couple of piano songs in my blog media player, 1/ to love again, 2/ you're my everything.

And good for your son, giving a performance at his age. Outstanding. And Nana...you look lovely in the pic....hmmmm, you are a beautiful lady.
Bet you turn heads at the performance, *wink*, ha ha.
Have fun and wishing both of you more outstanding performances, Lee.

Nana said...

Hi Uncle Lee,

Thank you so much for your complement. :)
I just wanted to expose him to music. We are not sure whether he has the talent or not but that doesn't really matter as long as he is enjoying it.
Yes, I notice that you enjoy instrumental music judging from your media player. Yeah, we believe music can release stress and make one more relax.

Thanks you again for your sincere wishes. :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, 2 of my favourite piano songs are 'To love again', and 'you are my everything'.
I regret not learning to play the piano as Elvis and Ricky Nelson did not, played guitars instead, ha ha.

My niece 15 year old has an 8th dan in music or grade 8. Only last week scored 100% in her school music exam. Good future that girl.
You just encourage your son, he'll play for you your favourite sons one day soon.

Get him to "play for mama my favourite song...".....one way of motivating him.
You stay young and have fun. Oh ya, senang datang, Lee.

Nana said...

Dear Uncle Lee,
You have got good choices of piano songs! I like them too. No need to regret about learning piano, I, for instance envy people who can play guitar. A man who plays guitar well+ husky voice when sing, women would just fall on their laps! Including me! hehehe
Yeah, I will motivate him and request him to play my favorite songs. It is something I look forward to...

Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy your week!

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