Kidzania Koushien

Jul 22, 2010

Kidzania is a Mexican chain of family entertainment centres currently operating in 10 locations. Every Kidzania is themed as a child-sized replica of a real city, including buildings, shops and theaters, as well as vehicles and pedestrians moving along its streets. In this city, children aged 3 through 15 learn about the adult world, the value of money and work, by experiencing up to 70 different professions.

My son, Sya had experienced 3 different jobs when we first came to Kidzania in autumn last year. He worked as a baker, a fireman and a train operator.

Working at DonQ bakery

The melon bread he baked...

Putting out fire...

Operating train...

The money he earned...

The pictures shown above were from our last year's trip.

We went to Kidzania again last weekend. We had booked the entrance tickets two months ahead. Yeah, two months in advance, in order to get the ideal date which coincidentally, is always the ideal date for others too. This time around, my son managed to try 5 different jobs. He worked as an ice-cream maker, art designer, pilot, worker at coca-cola factory and construction worker.

Working at the ice cream shop

Pilot training

Working as a mechanic at Autobacs

Making his first coca-cola

Building bridge at construction site

My son wasn't the only one who learned new things that day. We the parents, also had the opportunity learning some new things we thought we knew and took for granted. Sya had a blast that day. He ate his ice-cream and drank the coke he 'made'. I would recommend this to every parent out there. In case you wonder, Kidzania will be launched in KL, Malaysia in year 2012 at Mutiara Damansara. So check it out!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, Wow! First time I see, read something like this for kids. Fantastic idea. Might influence the kids what they want to be when they grow up.
Can see they having fun the cars or firetrucks got them excited too.
Have fun, regards, Lee.

Nana said...

Dear Uncle Lee,
It is a fantastic idea! True, it gave them some idea to the jobs and had a taste of what they had made/baked/cooked. How I wished we had this type of experience when I was a kid. :)
Enjoy your summer! Going fishing perhaps?

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