Jul 24, 2010

A conversation before sleep.
My son, Sya was tossing and turning, trying to sleep. He seemed to take longer time today, I noticed.
Sya: 'Mommy, why God never let me see dream?'
Me: 'Why dear, are you trying to see dream? What dream do you want to see?'
Sya: 'I want to see Toy story 3' He said dreamily.
(Toy story 3 is a Disney cartoon movie that has just opened for viewing recently. I knew he wanted to watch the movie badly)

Me: 'Don't worry dear, if you don't see any dream tonight, we'll go to the cinema and watch the movie OK?' I promised him willingly.
Sya: 'Hait...' He said happily.
Surprisingly he fell asleep right away.
Feeling good and happy for what reason I don't know why, I hugged him tightly to sleep.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, I am fascinated with you and family living in Japan...and noticing how your boy replied you with his, 'hait'...do you and him speak Japanese or champor bahasa.
And I bet all of you speak Japanese fluently too.

I love Japan...been there and love the countryside especially, but terok la got to bow often, ha ha.
No wonder Japanese hardly have back problems, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Nana said...

Dear Uncle Lee,
Yeah, we are very much Japanese now. We try to speak both Malay and Japanese to him. His spontaneous answers will be in Japanese though. It seems like he's more comfortable in Japanese at the moment.
The countryside is really beautiful. I love the countryside too. Not too fascinated with the high rise building and latest technologies. Talking about technologies, my computer at home is MAC...just like yours, with 24 inch screen. The only difference would be the keyboard. We have a smaller one, you probably have a longer keyboard which has numbers on the right side. Haha...saw it on one of your pictures. Stay cheerful!

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