Of the affair with Germany new president

Jul 1, 2010

Germany has a new president! Just newly elected yesterday.

It's not a norm for me to post anything political as I am not a fan of politics. But I gotta announce this to everyone I know... I have met and shook hand with the Germany's youngest-ever president. Can you believe that? And he was a real hunk too! *wink*

It all happened last year when my boss called us for an emergency meeting and announced that the minister-president (not yet the Germany president) of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) Mr Christian Wulff and his staff had planned on a social visit to Tokushima University. Our University president picked our institute for him to have a brief tour. At that time, we, the students and staff were not at all anxious about his visit. Well, who would want to volunteer to come on a Sunday afternoon? Just to wait for his presence, and pretended as if we were working hard on a Weekend? Anyway, to cut the story short, a few friends and I volunteered to come as everyone else were not keen to sacrifice their precious weekend.
We were assigned to be in charged of a few equipments and machines. What more dramatic was that we were supposed to choose only equipments 'Made in Germany', for example, Leica, to show that we also adored Germany things besides being loyal fans to Japanese. Some sort like 'bodek' to me.

So since we had our detailed schedule, we knew he would reach our building at around 13:00. They came a a few minutes late...but that's acceptable because they are big VIPs we are talking about here. Malaysian VIP? We may have to wait hours. He first visited downstairs room and saw a few equipments before coming to the second floor, where I was assigned to. I was supposed to show him a few images of confocal microscopy. I was waiting patiently when a group of 'orang putih' swarmed to my room and waited for me to teach them something new. Gosh...wait, which orang putih was the minister-president? They all looked the same. Luckily, there was one bodyguard, dressed in black suit squeezed in the way and guided a man to come near to me. I looked at him and thought...he must be the minister president. He definitely looked different and had an aura of charisma with him. I happily showed him the microscope and showed him the pictures I took and asked him to compare the images with the one he was seeing in the microscope. I must say that he was a quick learner because it usually is not easy for a lay person to understand instantly. After a few sessions of questioning and answering, he smiled at me and said, 'Thank you, lady'. I with 'thick face' looked at him, said 'You are most welcome' and automatically extended my hand. He, on the other hand accepted my reaching hands and shook hand with me. I sensed some 'tension' in the eyes of the bodyguards. But I chose to ignore it. *laughs*

As the crowd left for the bus (since my site was the last place he visited), prof came to me and pointed his fingers, 'You! you actually shook hand with him! We who accompanied him from the start did not get to do so. You actually shook hands with him?!' He repeated the statement in disbelief then laughed and left. Probably realizing that nothing is impossible with THIS student of his.

When all of them had left, my friends and I sat down and chit chat. We talked, laughed and teased about the incident. My other friend proudly announced, 'He was trying to pronounce my name and he pronounced it beautifully...'. I remembered him using 'lady' on me and had been wondering why he didn't try pronouncing my name. I looked at my chest and realized the reason instantly. I forgot to wear my name tag! Ceh...if only I remembered to put my name tag on! I would have had my name verbalized by the handsome Germany president to be. *laughs*

Well, I guess nothing is perfect. I couldn't have asked for more and should be thankful to even have met him. Who would have thought he would be the next Germany president? If I knew he would, I would have made sure I had my name tag on and would never have washed my right hand after shaking his hand, ever! *wink*


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