Chicken pox

Jul 30, 2010

It started after our camping trip.
Started with a low grade fever...for no obvious reason, apart from his occasional complaint of headache. Then the temperature subsided but the headache persisted. On Tuesday, my hubby noticed a red spot on his temple which looked like a mosquito bite. Wednesday morning, spots appeared on the face and trunk. Ah...this looked like Chicken pox...I diagnosed, feeling hopeless.
Chicken pox, as you know is highly contagious. Isolation from the public is required for about one week, until the lesions dry up and scab.

My hubby and I have to take turn to take leaves in order to take care of him.
He's otherwise fine, apart from the itchiness...he is not complaining too much.

Luckily my lab work is not much affected so far. However my prof is definitely not going to be very happy with me having to take too many leaves. But what to do... I didn't ask for this. And our summer vacation is pretty much gone too. We are thinking of canceling our camping trip next Saturday. Also our lab trip to the beach next Friday.

We'll have to occupy our summer holidays with something...otherwise he's gonna be very bored doing nothing. Plus, this might be our final summer in Japan. So we gotta make good use of it. Think, think, think...
Never mind, we'll come out with something. We usually do.


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