11th Ramadhan

Aug 21, 2010

From tomorrow till Thursday, I will be away attending an international conference in Kobe. May not be able to cook but hopefully will be able to show some pictures of the trip instead.

Spent time at home today. Browsed through the internet and flipped through my recipe books for today's break fast menu. Decided to bake chicken pot pie as today's main dish. Selamat berbuka!

Chicken pot pie

soupy and creamy filling +crispy crust= delicious

Baked asparagus with basil sauce

A piece of carrot cake for tea/ berbuka anyone?

Air limau nipis sudachi


TK said...

.You ni mmg pandai masak sungguh!Air limau sudachi tu nampak sedapnya nana
Rasa limau apa tu agaknya...

Nana said...

Thanks TK! Kat sini dilatih, kalau nak makan, kena masuk dapur...hahaha. Sebab tak banyak restoran Malaysia atau restoran jika dibandingkan ngan Europe/USA.
Limau nipis sudachi lebih kurang macam limau nipis kasturi. Tapi bagi saya, limau kasturi tu lagi wangi dari sudachi. Limau ni mahal kat Jepun. Siap dia ada grade A,B and C lagi. Yang selalu nampak kat pasaran, satu kotak kecil 1kg, harga dalam RM40. tapi sudachi kat atas tu saya dapat dengan harga murah sikit. Mungkin sebab tak layak di grade kan kot. hihihi...apa2 jer la, asal dapat boost of vitamin C. :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, just out of curiosity...do Muslim women always cook something special for buka puasa vs other normal days?
I noticed from the many Muslim blogs I read, they all mention about what to cook or cooked.

Kobe? Wow! I was there in early '80s. Beautiful city....infact every city is beautiful in Japan.
I have promised my wife I will take her to Japan one day....but will bring a bottle of sambal belachan as Japanese food not on my list of foods I like, ha ha.
Have a good trip, Godspeed. Lee.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, would you mind if I copy your delicious carrot cake for my next posting. Credit will be given to you, *wink*.

Any Royalties? Or lawyer's surat to sign...? Ha ha.
Thank you, Lee.

Nana said...

Hi Uncle Lee! I am back.
About cooking in Ramadhan, I would say yes, we always have something special during this special event. Nowadays people don't cook so much so they would buy the food from pasar Ramadhan, which has lots and lots of goodies for break fast.
My menu is quite modest if compared with other people who have so many dishes for break fast. But I would make sure that I create that break fast atmosphere and have Malaysian food as that is part of our memory of fasting in Malaysia.
About the pictures of the food...haha, go ahead Uncle Lee! No royalties for you, but...just promise you continue writing your wonderful story OK? Will go to your pondok and read your recent posting as soon as I am back to my usual mode...
Take care!

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