8th Ramadhan

Aug 18, 2010

Alhamdulillah, my hubby is back to his normal self.
He can now sit up instead of lying down on the bed all the time due to 'pening-pening'...maybe side effect of the medication given. He has finally started to eat this afternoon after just managed to drink for the past 3 days. Due to that, he has lost 3 kg during his chicken pox illness.
For break fast today, I made lamb curry and as for desert...mooncakes, a gift from my China friend who came back to Japan for a visit.

Mooncakes are Chinese pastries traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is celebrated on 22nd September this year. When Lei was still a student here, she would be supplying me with mooncakes sent by her parents during the festive season, since we couldn't get mooncakes easily in Japan. This time, she brought a lot of mooncakes for me, knowing that I would miss mooncakes if she didn't bring any. So very thoughtful of her...:)

So, today's break fast menu for your viewing~
Selamat berbuka!

Lamb curry


Has Malaysia started selling mooncakes too?

Grape tea


TK said...

Hi! Kat sini pun dah ada mooncake kat mana2.
I remember when I was teaching in KL, students bg byk mooncake. Penuh bag.. tapi I tak pandai makan so I gave it to my chinese friends.

I suka kambing..Ramadhan ni tak pnah makan kambing lagi!!!huhu

Nana said...

Hi! I makan mooncake pun sikit2 jer. Maybe just one small slice every time. Sebab terlalu manis & kekadang berminyak. But I believe Malaysian mooncakes are better than Chinese ones. hehehe
Kami pun makan daging kambing sekali sekala jer. My hubby sakit kepala kalau makan banyak sangat!huhuhu.

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