2010 Awa odori festival

Aug 12, 2010

It's Japanese Obon holiday starting from today til the weekend.
Obon is one of the most important Japanese traditions. People believe that their ancestors' spirits come back to their homes to be reunited with their family during Obon and pray for the spirits. For the reason, Obon is an important family gathering time, and many people return to their hometowns.

In Tokushima, Awa Dance festival is held as part of the Obon festival. It is the largest dance festival in Japan, attracting over 1.3 million tourists every year. Groups of choreographed dancers and musicians known as ren dance through the streets, typically accompanied by the shamisen (lute), taiko (drums), shinobue (flute) and the kane (bell). Performers wear traditional obon dance costumes and sing as they parade through the streets.

We are planning to join the festival tomorrow. Will show you how grand the festival is in my next input. For the meantime, do bear with the pictures of my break fast menu today. Selamat berbuka puasa!

Sambal sotong

Tumis kacang buncis


Iced cocoa


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, wow! Can I buka puasa with you and family? Your dishes are really fantastic! I love that sambal sotong!
I think tiga pingan nasi no problemos, tentu guarantee lichin, ha ha.
You sure one gourmet cook I can see.

Re the Japanese festival, I guess similar to the Chinese ones done in Malaysia.
I guess our ancestors will not recognize us as long time did not observe the ritual, don't even know when since here in Canada.

Can you get Malaysian food ingredients there where you are?
Here we have no problems, apa pun ada, include petai, which not on my list of foods to eat......

You have a pleasant bulan puasa, have a nice day, Lee.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, I need your help.....please drop back to my pondok, listen, watch the 1st song now playing.....I would love to know the singer's name.
Would appreciate if you'll let me know.
I love her voice....and her sensual looks, ha ha.
Sayonara, Lee.

Nana said...

Hi Uncle Lee.
Thanks for the lovely complement. You are welcome to come for berbuka any time.
Found your singer too.
Her name is 伊東ゆかり(Ito Yukari)
I read her Wiki but unfortunately it's in Japanese only.
Anything else I can help? She is very pretty! Maybe around your age as well? Born in 1947.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, harigato gosaimas. Got it. Will check her out. Lee.

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