Lab outing

Aug 9, 2010

We had our yearly lab outing last week. We went to the Kitanowaki beach, which is situated about 100km south from the Tokushima city.
Our professor booked a Umi no ie (Japanese beach house), which not only provided a resting place but also served some simple lunch. Do you know how Japanese beach house looks like? Below are a few pictures of Japanese traditional beach house.

Umi no ie is basically a simple looking stall located by the beach, which only opens for two months. They are opened from early July to late August. Some "Umi-no-ie" expect to earn a one-year revenue only for two months.

We rented a place at Fukunaga beach house.

You can also rent floats or boats for a reasonable price.

Nice open view from the beach house. Below are some examples of food they had served us.

Boiled shrimp and edamame


Kakigori (flavored ice)

Beautiful beach

Young sexy girls in bikinis

Lab mates enjoying the water

The person who enjoyed the most...

We had a great time. We were blessed with great weather, good food and nice people. Do drop by and enjoy Japanese beach when you come to Japan. It surely is an experience you wouldn't want to miss.


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