6th Ramadhan

Aug 16, 2010

We went to the clinic today to get some medication for my hubby's chicken pox.
First, he needed to be isolated so it was difficult if he went alone. While waiting for the room to be vacant, I filled up the registration form and waited in the car with him as another form of isolation. The system was good...I really liked it!

Anyway, we waited in the car for about ten minutes when our hand phone rang. It was from the reception, informing us to go to the isolation room as it was available. We waited for about half an hour in the isolation room before we were attended by the doctor. The diagnosis of chicken pox was confirmed and we were prescribed antiviral Acyclovir, with some calamine lotion to stop the itch. Boy...was the medication expensive! Even with the medical insurance, it was still expensive. Well, as a physician in Malaysia, I knew that this drug from Glaxo Smith was rarely prescribed due to the price but this time, as a patient, I really understood how expensive it was!

Anyway, my hubby is now on antiviral and I hope his symptoms would improve. For the meantime, he will not be fasting for at least four days as he's required to take the medication every 4-hourly. I am the only one 'puasa-ing'...

Below is my break fast menu for today, the 6th of Ramadhan.
Selamat berbuka~

Sambal udang petai (Chili prawn with stink bean)

Bubur jagung sagu (corn with sago in sweetened milk)

Banana tea au lait


TK said...

Hi! I am missing so many of your posts!!
Bestnya ada everyday break fast menu!
Sedapnya sambal udang petai tu!Drooling ni!
I wanna follow your blog tapi x jumpa kat mana.
Letak ye follower gadget tu!It's very very important for me and for others too..

I suka lagu2 here..
Selamat Berpuasa di perantauan..
Igt my blog kalau igt Malaysia hehe....

Nana said...

Hi TK! Selamat berpuasa to you too!
Haha...Saje nak post gambar2 menu yang I masak. Dah balik Malaysia nanti tak tentu masak betul tak? Kat malaysia macam2 boleh beli siap. Pergi makan kat restoran pun banyak pilihan.
Ok, I dah letak follower gadget. I am still new in blogging...hehehe. Do advise!
Of course I ingat your blog! Please post all the nice food you have. I dah banyak ketinggalan since dah 4 tahun tak balik. Mesti banyak makanan fusion yang baru!

TK said...

I dah follow! Dah 4 tahun u kat sana rupanya. That's a very long time!
Kalau blogging dr dulu sure dah top your blog ni!
Malaysian bloggers suka blog2 org duduk overseas.Dorang suka tgok gambar.

Nana said...

Haha...4 tahun lama kan. Ish, I dah tak larat dok lama2 sangat kat Jepun. Dah homesick gila2. Hopefully I can be home next year and my son can enjoy all sorts of Malaysian delicacies. Kat sini, he's almost Japanese. Takleh makan pedas dan suka maka shouyu(Japanese soy sauce)!Siap nangis kalau termakan pedas! Ada ke...:)

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