Orange chiffon cake

Aug 3, 2010

My hubby complained the other day.
'I have gained one kilo this week! Oh my diet...' He exclaimed after getting down from the digital weighing scale.
'Huhu...are you blaming me dear?" I asked, jokingly.
'No know I have been eating oats in the morning just to lose some more pounds. I have been gaining weight instead...a little frustrated.' He said.
'Ok...ok, the baking thing will stop temporarily after this.'
'Not after you bake my chocolate banana cake...hehehe' He requested cheekily.

My hubby who wants to lose weight requested for a chocolate cake. Shiish...what la, I thought.
So I checked for the ingredients on the shelf and found out that the essential material, the cocoa powder was not enough for my recipe.
Hmm...I have to disappoint my hubby today, I thought.
Then I browsed the internet and came across a yummy looking Orange chiffon cake.

Chiffon cake is known to be a tricky. I heard people complained that it may look nice and fluffy in the oven...when you take it out, just deflates! But the picture looked so good so I decided to give it a challenge.
And it turned out...soft and fluffy! Yoohoo! I did it.
It definitely was the fluffiest cake I have ever joke about it.
Don't believe it? See it for yourself...:)

My hubby who was not so crazy about chiffon cake (the reason for me not trying baking chiffon cake too) was a little disappointed. I asked him why he's not crazy over chiffon cake. He said that the chiffon cake he had tried was dry, plain and just 'tak sedap'.

So I tossed him a piece anyway. He tried, and finished it.
Then he came and asked for a second helping.
'Shiish...sombong kata tak sedap tapi makan dua pinggan...', I said.
' Ala...sedap pulak kek yang awak buat ni...', he admitted the cake was 'quite nice'. Inside me I was laughing...I managed to change his bad habit of making assumptions. hahaha. It is definitely a good start to some changes...
So, here is the cake, one of the ways to eat it...with fresh whipped cream. It surely enhanced the taste of chiffon cake. If you happen to think like my hubby, do brave up and give it a try~


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Nana, wow! Your cake looks sinfully delicious.
No wonder some men marry the baker. I married the cook, ha ha.
You are sure a wonderful wife....and mother.....
You must try that cake called "I'm all yours"....then give hubby a slice, standby for ahemmm, fireworks, arhaaaa ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Nana said...

Dear Uncle Lee,
Thank you for dropping by. Sorry for the silence, been quite occupied with work.
Thank you Uncle Lee for your nice complements. I am just doing what I love doing, to provide a warm nest for my family. :)
Am definitely going to try your 'I'm all yours' recipe. Hopefully it's not too complicated. It is already in my wish list menu for breaking fast which starts in two days time!
Have a nice day!

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