Kobe China town

Aug 29, 2010

We managed to squeeze our time doing some sightseeing while we were in Kobe. If you browse the internet for places to go in Kobe, you will probably get a long list of recommended places to go. One of the places that we visited during our limited spare time was Kobe China town.

Kobe China town or Nankinmachi provides nice Chinese atmosphere, with more then 40 shops and restaurants were seen along this area. China town in Kobe is small if you compare to that of New York. Nevertheless, the China essence was there. The streets were bustling with activity all day long. The Chinese-style buildings and colorful signs give it an exotic atmosphere.

Night life of China town

One of the many stalls selling dim sums and hawkers' food

Advertisement: 'our food has been featured in TV show...'

We decided to have our dinner at this restaurant

Xiao Lei's Tan tan noodle

Oiwa-san's Za jiang noodle

My Chinese seafood cold noodle

The explorers to Kobe China town today

After the dinner, we walked around to look for some souvenirs and found this interesting stall shown below.

Interesting t-shirts...imitating Puma, no! We are originals!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, never knew ada Chinatown in Japan. Love the food and the pictures. You sure take beautiful pictures.
The food looks really delicious. Maha tidak?
And they all speak Japanese too, I guess.
Have a nice day and a happy hari Merdeka, Lee.

Uncle Lee said...

Nana, may I copy your udang curry, remis masak lemak? When I next post about food will have it inside, cannot always talk about SYTs kan?
Will credit you of course.
You accept Visa or Mastercard? Ha ha ha. Lee.

Nana said...

Thank you Uncle Lee for the beautiful compliments.
I will give the credit to my canon digital camera. Love it very much. The food was good. It was quite reasonable price. From the pic, there were two japanese and the other one is from China. We all speak Japanese. It's Hari Merdeka soon yeah...living in oversea tends to make us less observant regarding what's happening in Malaysia. Thanks for reminding me.
About the pictures, no problemos. I am glad they will be shown on your beautiful blog...hahaha. So no charges for you. Only for you, ok. ;)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, come celebrate merdeka with me...
And thank you for the okay re the food.
Interesting re they speak Japanese.....
By the way, I will be happy you just address me as 'Lee'....
Uncle for those belum experience honeybulan yet, heh heh heh. Lee.

TK said...

Everywhere in the world ada China town it seems. Ada macam2 jenis noodles ye..sedapnya.Antara tiga2 kat atas tu mana yg sedap sekali? The first one looks like mee kari.

Nana said...

Hi Lee!
Haha...will call you Lee from now. :)
It's very nice of you to invite me. But I don't know when I will have the chance to visit Canada. The country has always been in my 'to go' list. Would be lovely to visit there one day. Cheers!

Nana said...

Dear TK,
Chinese is a big community. Tak kira di pelusuk mana pun, mesti ada restoran China dan 'Chinese takeaway' hahaha. Hari tu tengok TV, di Iraq, tempat yang 'at war' pun ada Chinese food!
Emm...sebenarnya, noodle yang I boleh makan seafood noodle jer. So, that seafood noodle memang sedap. Mee dia springy! Yang mee lain, kawan2 kata sedap, tak pedas dan manis2 sikit. Lain kali ingat nak belajar masak mee cara Chinese. Why not...they have so many different noodles with so many ways of eating them. Mana taknya...noodles originated from 'tanah besar'kata kan!

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