9th Ramadhan

Aug 20, 2010

Busy day again today. Didn't get to to go home to berbuka puasa pun. Berbuka at the lab with coffee, then quickly finished up my experiment so that I could meet up with my hubby and son at Fujiya restaurant which is just 5 minutes away from the university.

Fujiya restaurant is basically our favorite hanging out place. We are usually given a small room, which is good since my son tends to talk loudly and likes to 'kacau orang'. The food served there is basically seafood so there are plenty of choices for us Muslims.

Since ayah's chicken pox lesions have all scabbed since yesterday, which also means he's not infectious anymore, I decided to release him outside today after one week of staying at home. It must have been stressful for a man to stay at home 24 hours for 7 days continuously!

Showing you below is our break fast menu for today, the 9th of Ramadhan.
Selamat berbuka~

Ayah's sushi and tempura set

My sashimi (raw seafood) with tempura set

Our little one's prawn tempura udon

Appetizer: prawn and octapus with lemon sauce

Appetizer: sour sweet fish

Ayah's main dish: Sushi

My main dish: sashimi

Main dish: tempura

All cleaned up! habis licin...


TK said...

Waaa!!! Sushi and Sashimi!! SEdapnya!!!I loike! I loike! I loike!
I made a posting about your Iftar menu. I've linked yor blog so that others would discover your blog.
Looking forward to your next menu..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, love the pics, but somehow Japanese food was, is and never on my list of what to eat.
Malay food, okay....
And I only eaten couple of times when on business trips to Japan....that because with Japanese clients.
Otherwise, Kentucky ayam, ha ha.
You have a pleasant puasa, Lee.

Nana said...

Hi TK!
Thanks for linking my blog. I suddenly found many visitors visiting my blog. Many thanks to you!
My menu very much depend on how busy I am that day. So, some times the dish is quite simple jer. :)
Here in Tokushima, sashimi is fresh and sweet (sebab dekat dengan laut). Really sedap! Though it's difficult to get halal meat here, we find living here is quite comfy as long as you can eat seafood. Especially raw ones...hahaha

Nana said...

Dear Uncle Lee,
It's alright, not everyone can tolerate Japanese food. In my case, do you believe if I said that I didn't eat fish in Malaysia because of the 'tekak terlekat tulang' trauma. hahaha. Then, when I came here, suddenly all I could eat was fish! I had to brave myself and started eating fish in Japan. After a while, I found it quite OK and started liking it. So, if you notice, I don't have fish dish in my break fast menu yet, just because I am still not very experienced in cooking fish. hehehe.
Have a nice day Uncle Lee!

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