7th Ramadhan

Aug 17, 2010

Busy day. Got home about 20 minutes before break fast.
It was such a hot and humid day today. I had a feeling I was quite dehydrated as I found myself not perspire despite of the hot weather. Not having big appetite for food too since all I could think of was drinks drinks drinks. Plus my hubby having sore throat, not wanting to have anything to eat, so my break fast menu today was quite simple...which was, fried noodle. As for desert, since I still had some leftovers of cakes and puddings, I decided to clean up my fridge today and refrained myself from making anymore deserts.

However, while shopping for groceries this evening, I found myself attracted to a Japanese confectionery called warabi mochi. Which I thought would be palatable for my hubby who's suffering from chicken pox. Warabi mochi is not true mochi but a jelly-like confection made from bracken starch and covered or dipped in kinako (sweet toasted soybean flour). It is my hubby's favorite Japanese desert.

So, below are my break fast menu for today. Selamat berbuka~

Fried noodle

Warabi mochi

Warabi mochi eaten with kinako...yummy!

Iced lemon tea


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, I really love your header picture, soooo refreshing! Beautiful pic. Is that in Japan? Can't be Toronto, ha ha.
And your buka puasa dishes looks so tempting, tormenting me now, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Uncle Lee said...

Hey, you have a videp player now....wayyyyy to go, Nana! Love the songs and action of the SYTs, ha ha, Lee.

TK said...

Eeee..sedapnya nampak warabi mochi tu. You know I like Japanese food. I sahur dgn sushi which I bought in Tesco tapi x sedapla dah simpan dlm fridge.. Teringin sgt nak makan tp bulan puasa takde masa nak makan... Kat sini ada dah byk makanan Jepun which I love to try but tak pernah nampak warabi mochi ni...Rupanya macam jelly yg anak I main..masukkan dlam air, it becomes bigger and bigger...

Nana said...

Hi Uncle Lee,
The header picture was in Japan, taken during one of our camping trips. Yeah...the purpose of the header pic is to give an illusion that we are in a cool place when the actual temperature here is 36 degree celcius!!! The weather in Japan is really hot this summer...Very challenging for us who are fasting.
Haha...about the food, I just post whatever we had for break fast. hehe...trying to cook as often as possible but it's very likely that I am not going to cook for break fast the first time tonight. Haha...will be very busy today.
I am glad you enjoyed the songs and the video music...I am pretty sure the SYT's dancing suits your taste. *wink*
You have a nice day too!

Nana said...

TK, you enjoy Japanese food too? Great! Sushi seems to be a popular Japanese dish in Malaysia but to tell you the truth, the every day home cook dish is pretty delicious too. I may introduce a few nice and easy dishes when I have the chance.
Sushi lepas simpan dalam peti ais, nasinya jadi keras, so tak begitu sedap dah. Sushi kalau boleh, makan lepas dia buat...memang sedap! hihihi.
Warabi mochi ni not an exotic food. So, mungkin susah nak jumpa kat big Japanese restaurants in Malaysia. Kat sini, Warabi mochi boleh dapat kat any supermarket with a resonable price. I bought the two different types and they cost me ¥200 which is equivalent to RM8.00 jer! Tapi kalau ikut cost of living here...it's like spending RM2.00. Tak mahal kan...tapi sedap! :)

emie said...

kak adi..that warabi mochi looks soo good.

Nana said...

Hi Emie...thanks. Looks like this warabi mochi is quite popular. Hmm, remind me to bring all the ingredients so that I can make some for you when we go back...:)

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